Always on-hand 

We at Domus Elite like Domus House so much that we have our own headquarters here on the first floor. 
That’s proof of our pride and confidence in the quality of the premises, and it also means we are always on-hand to answer your questions and to provide you with the best possible support. 
You can be confident that your clients’ first impressions when visiting your offices in Domus House will add to your brand image and reputation. We expect this for ourselves and we are committed to ensuring you benefit from the same high standards. 

Meet the Team 

Managing Director 
Building Manager 
Office Manager 
Finance Manager 

Looking after the environment 

We take care to meet environmental regulations and requirements and we are also committed to making a difference. We are constantly looking for ways to improve sustainability and to reduce our carbon footprint. 
At Domus House we include managed general office waste disposal in your service charge and encourage recycling with dedicated bins for plastic, cardboard, paper, glass, and cans. 
We aim to minimise energy use by turning off electrical equipment and lighting when possible, using heating and ventilation thoughtfully, and encourage alternative transport choices, such as cycling, walking and public transport. 
We’ve also recently arranged a Green Energy tariff with our electricity supplier. 
100% of the electricity that we’ve purchased now comes from a renewable energy source, generated by either Wind, Solar or Hydro Energy. 
Want to book a viewing of High quality offices in Clevedon? 
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